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HON. CAROLINE COCHRANE: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I know you are going to get mad at me, but I want to take a moment more, probably. I want

to start by recognizing the Native Women’s Association of the Northwest Territories. I am not going to read off their names, but I want to say that this organization has stuck behind me 100 percent for the last four years with no lateral violence, with no backhand. They have been behind me as an

Indigenous woman. I sincerely thank you for what you do for Indigenous women. Thank you.

Mr. Speaker, I also want to recognize in the House my sister-in-law, Karen Cochrane, who is here, married to my brother. Welcome, Karen. My nephew Garrett is here, as well.

Mr. Speaker, a little bit emotional, the most important woman in my whole life is here today. My mother is here in the House, Ms. Shirley Cochrane.

She has never stepped foot in this Assembly before. I apologize, Mom. Over the last four years, I have only been able to see her two or three times because of the job. I love you to the world. Even though I don’t see you, you are the most important thing in my life. Thank you for being here. Thank you for having me. I owe everything to you, Mom.

Thank you.

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