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Our mission is to provide training & education programs for Native women in the NWT

NWA Training Center Application Form

Why the Native women Association (NWA) training Center?

Our ALBE program aims to improve qualified students’ Literacy and Basic Skills. Our courses will help you improve your English, reading, writing and Math skills, or help you towards your high school diploma.

During your time at the NWA Training Center, you will not only learn reading, writing, math, Science, but also other basic skills (computer, driver’s skills, life skills, etc…) to help you prepare for:

Secondary school credit  *  Post-secondary studies  *  Apprenticeship training  *  Employment  *  Greater independence 

Our Science curriculum covers skills outlined in the Territorial/National curriculum and helps you to understand the world around us and your role in it and also teaches methods of inquiry and investigation to stimulate creative thought. Keeping in mind that Mathematics is an essential discipline in today’s world, our curriculum was developed as to provide a powerful tool for understanding the world around us and our perspective of the important issues we face as individuals, families, businesses, and communities.

Our 2nd semester math curriculum emphasizes on pre-trades math. The math skills provided through our curriculum will help develop critical thinking and quantitative analysis skills with an example like balancing a check books which can help you to be penny wise. English skills are taught with an emphasis on practical application for work readiness i.e. letter writing, resume preparation, etc…

Our English module will help students improve their reading and writing skills through literature (poetry, drama, and novel and short stories studies); paragraph and letter writing; as well as vocabulary and grammar. Traditional arts, beading, sewing, stenciling Cape Dorset style, painting and drawing are also part of the skills offered at our training center.

We support our teaching with informative video, clips, models, topic resources, posters, field trips and talks. These courses are free and available in English. There are courses designed for people in our community.

What you need to take these courses

To take these courses you have to:

• Be a NWT resident
• Be 19 years old or older
• Have reading, writing and math skills below the grade 12 level

Courses offered in our Training Center:

• English 120
• Math 120
• Sciences 110, 120 and 130
• Computer Sciences 110 and 120
• Career and Pre-employment
• Life Skills
• Traditional Skills
• Traditional Arts and Crafts
• Driver’s Education
• First-Aid/ WHMIS Certificate
• Food Safety Certificate
• Trades Entrance Exam Preparation

What is in your portfolio?

With our goal being to help you build your personal portfolios in order
to help you start working towards your future career; any skills you
have learned in the bush/ land or skills at school or on the job will be
an asset.
Adding courses or skills, or work experiences to your portfolio may
help count towards a high school credit.
We are willing to help you compile all these relevant information or
encourage you to start building your portfolio and find out what these
equivalencies are. Equivalencies that may be considered credits
towards the Grade 12 diploma are not all school based. What’s in your

When do I apply?

We have two intake times:

  • Early September
  • late January

To be eligible:

  • Be a NWT resident
  • Be 19 years old or older
  • Have reading, writing and math
    skills below the grade 12 level

How do I apply?

Step 1: Email or fax filled application form.

Step 2: Complete an ISETS application.

Step 3: Complete the Application for Service.

NWA Training Center Application Form



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