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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer compassionate support, assistance, information and referrals in a courteous and compassionate manner respecting the dignity and privacy of victims. We offer services to everyone; men, women, children in Lutselk’e, N’dilo, Dettah, Yellowknife and other communities in the NWT.

About the NWA Victim Service program

Yellowknife Victim Services offer community-based victim service program to victims of crime and/or sudden trauma who may or may not have reported the crime to police or are involved in the criminal justice system. We are located  at the Native Women’s Association of the NWT. We presently have two staff members, namely the frontline worker and a Program Coordinator. Yellowknife Victim Services continues to offer compassionate support to victims of crime and their families.  Although our program is mandated to serve people in Yellowknife, Lutselke, N’dilo and Dettah, we offer services/support to residents from other parts of the NWT when conflict of interest cases arise and/or when people are medevac’d to Yellowknife for treatment following a crime. We maintain close working relationships with the Public Prosecution office, the local women’s shelters, RCMP and other community organizations. Victims often self-referred or are referred to us from these organizations, and we refer to them as needed. Our goal is to provide emotional and practical support to victims and to reduce the risk for further victimization.

What we Provide

Yellowknife Victim Services (YVS) provides emotional support, information and referrals to victims of crime and tragedy. While the majority of our clients are Aboriginal women, we help clients of all demographics. Services include court accompaniment and preparation, support through RCMP statements, help with Victim Impact Statements, information about the criminal justice system, emotional support, crisis intervention, and referrals. During regular business hours, VS staff serves clients in all areas of program delivery; additionally, volunteers and staff provide after-hours crisis support during evenings and weekends. We primarily serve clients who reside within Yellowknife, and will also assist clients from surrounding communities.


Volunteers are crucial for YVS to offer 24 hour services to victims. We currently have 8 on-going volunteers, who provide great assistance to the Program, which enables us to deliver this program round the clock. Volunteers received 35-hours of training on issues such as, sexual assault, family violence, RCMP protocol, cultural awareness/sensitivity and other areas of victimization. Our volunteers are talented, impassioned women and men, who we are sure will bring wonderful new talent to the program.

RCMP referrals have spiked; there are also many victims who are contacting YVS on their own or are referred by family members/friends.

There are many highlights from this year. YVS has played a big part in the community. The Coordinator sits on the Coalition Against Family Violence, YWCA sexual violence project and work closely with justice professionals and other organizations. Our participation in these initiatives allows the Victim’s voice to be heard.

During regular business hours, Victim Services staff serves clients in all areas of program delivery; additionally, volunteers and staff provide after hours crisis support during evenings and weekends.

Each year, we celebrate National Victims & Survivors of Crime Week with community activities and initiatives that are geared towards educating the public about victims issues, programs and services that are in place to assist those that are victims of crime.

National Victims & Survivors of Crime Week is from April 8th -14th, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have Victim Services?

Victims of crime and their families need information, practical assistance, referrals, and support immediately after a crime, through the court process, and after if needed. Victim Services help individuals and their families deal with the effects of a crime. Victims and/or their families can ask for services.

If you have experienced:

  • Sexual assault
  • threats/harassment
  • Robbery
  • Vandalism
  • Residential school trauma and/or families impacted
  • Sudden death/loss of a loved one
  • Other traumatic/crime related event

We can help with:

Victim Services Support workers and/or volunteers help victims and/or their families by:

  •  providing information about programs,  services, and the progress of court cases
  • explanation about the court process and being a witness
  • helping victims apply to the Victims of Crime Emergency Fund for serious violent crimes
  • helping them to complete Victim Impact Statements for use by the court in sentencing offenders
  • going with them to a hospital or health Centre, to the RCMP office to make a statement about what happened, and/or to court
  • Advocate on client’s behalf to get needed services
  • making referrals for emergency accommodation, protection and safety planning, and ongoing counseling and/or other supports if needed

Who provides Victim Services?

At the time of a crime, the RCMP ask victims if they would like to talk with someone from the Victim Services Program and provide written contact information for Victim Services. Victim Service Support Workers and/or trained volunteers provide services for victims in the NWT. Victim Services Support Workers are NOT counselors but they can make referrals to licensed counselors or other supports if needed.

Who can ask for Victim Services?

Victim Services Programs are provided through in-person and/or telephone outreach for all victims of crime throughout the NWT.

Is there a cost for services?


When can I use these services?

You can use Victim Services at any time after a crime happens, throughout the court process, and after the court process ends.

If you have your own question feel free to contact a case worker all inquiry’s are kept discrete and confidential.

Contact Information

Lydia Bardak
Victim Services Coordinator | Ext. #231
[email protected]

Victim Services
For more information, please contact:
Phone: 1-867-873-5509 ext. 231

Toll Free: 1-866-459-1114

To contact victim services in your community, please refer to our contact sheet.

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