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2019-2020 Nine Students Graduate From Our Training Centre For The Office Administrative Program

2019-2020 Nine students graduate from our Training Centre for the Office Administrative Program


from left Isets Coordinator Tina Hawker,Students Lucy Dejarlais, Mary Renee,Alana Beaulieu,Isabelle Modeste and Isabel Neyelle,Isets worker Michelle LeMouel and Assistant Mary Drake.

On January 31, 2020, at the end of Term 1 for 2019-2020, nine students graduated from our Training Centre for the Office Administration Program and received Participation Awards for successfully completing the program. The program is quite intense and attendance is crucial to their success. The objective of the program to become familiar with office procedures and work with common software. They also study business communications, both spoken and written, conduct oneself professionally, areas of emphasis include attitude, work readiness skills, technological skills, wellness and work placement. The Employment & Training/ISETS Coordinator Tina Hawker, ISETS Worker, Michelle LeMouel and the organization congratulate and wish you all well in your future endeavors.

Lucy Dejarlais and Isets worker Michelle LeMouel

Isabel Neyelle

Isabelle Modeste

Mary Renee

Treyleen Neyelle

Alana Beaulieu

NWA/NWT would also like to thank Smart Communities for their dedication in delivering the Basic Computer Skills program,Quinn Sanders,Chris Hunt and Amrik Kanwal, for sharing their expertise and being an inspiration to the students.

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