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You Don’t Have To Be Anybody, To Be Somebody!

You don’t have to be anybody, to be somebody!


Jaylene Delorme-Buggins

Chipewyan/Cree from Yellowknives Dene First Nation and carries her culture with her in everything she does. At 26 years old, Jaylene is a strong and inspiring voice for Indigenous young people.

As a recovering addict, she advocates for awareness on mental health issues, addictions and suicide. She has faced many hardships to get where she is today, so she brings a powerful unique voice and insight to the table for young women across Canada .


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The one medicine no one can ever take from me.

Ending the stigma around mental health and addictions through advocacy and governance

Your Story;
Your Super Power.


Upcoming events

Panelist for the Seasons of Change Gathering in Kamloops, BC on March 7th 2020.

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